GATOR Foamer is a proprietary blend of biodegradable surfactants which provides maximum foaming powers in soft and hard waters, fresh water and saturated brine solutions.  GATOR Foamer produces a stable, consistent foam in the presence of oil or high concentrations of polyvalent cations such as calcium and magnesium.  GATOR Foamer is designed to be used in conjunction with other GATOR Products.


GATOR De-Foamer is an organic, hydrophobic silica based, biodegradable antifoam agent designed specifically for air drilling operations.  GATOR DeFoamer has exceptional knockdown speed and high persistency. GATOR DeFoamer works well in all water conditions and temperatures. GATOR DeFoamer works effectively in very low concentrations and offers significant cost savings compared with other silicone based systems.  GATOR DeFoamer is designed to be used in conjunction with other GATOR Products.

Downhole Lubricants

GATOR stocks a variety of high end lubricants designed to be added into existing mud and create a "super mud."  These lubricants are proven to resolve issues in the drilling process including high torque, high drag, and low rate of penetration (ROP).   Most lubricants claim to solve these issues, but the proof is in the proven financial analysis.  GATOR has lubricants for oil based muds, synthetic muds, and water based muds.  GATOR also has downhole lubricants for Brine and Air Drilling.

Specialized Well Stabilizers

GATOR has a unique well stabilization product that is extremely effective at stabilizing the well.  However, what makes this product unique is it reduces the use of or replaces multiple products in the mud.  These products include  lubricants, shale Inhibitors, shale stabilizers, wallcake enhancers, high pressure high temperature (HPHT) fluid loss control additives, and sulfonated asphalts.  GATOR utilizes this product in combination with lubricants and other chemicals to build package to create a phenomenal mud for the most difficult wells.

Pipe on Pipe

GATOR has a revolutionary Pipe on Pipe lubricant is proven to work on long reach laterals.  Not reaching the end of of lateral can cost millions of dollars in lost production over the life of a well.  Utilizing our high quality pipe on pipe lubricant, GATOR can work the number of plugs left in the well to zero!